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Leadership and Foresight

Towards the Creation of Wiser Futures: Sino-Africa Relations and Futures of African Development
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by Tim Kumpe & Kuo-Hua Chen Abstract Elaborating on previous wisdom discourse of futurist scholars, this paper identifies humility, flexibility, teachability, and morality as ...

Political and Policy Foresight

Bangkok Flood Risk Management: Application of Foresight Methodology for Scenario and Policy Development
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by Sreeja Nair, Wong Kai Wen & Chow Mei Ling Abstract Between end 2011 and early 2012, Bangkok was hit by massive flooding due to intense rainfall which together with high tid...

Special Issues and Symposia

Case Studies

EUTOPIA 75+: Exploratory Futures Scenarios for Baby Boomers’ Preferred Living Spaces

by David L. Wright, Laurie Buys, Desley Vine, Bo Xia, Martin Skitmore, Robin Drogemuller, Rosemary Kennedy & Mei Li Abstract Australia is experiencing the global phenomenon of...

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Cultural and Epistemological Foresight

Using Systems Thinking to Create more Impactful Social Policy

by Julia Canty-Waldron Abstract This article proposes that “systems thinking” offers a way of (a) diagnosing the potential effectiveness of social policy and (b) of creating m...

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Action Research and Organizational Learning

The Crystal Ball is not a Black Box: Futures Research in Scientific and Organizational Perspective

by Patrick van der Duin Introduction If there is one activity that needs to stay up to date on change and innovation, it is futures research. I argue that futures research can be ...

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Macrohistory and Epochal Change Perspectives

The Next 20 Years: A Time of Transformation

by Graeme Taylor Introduction Optimists point out that every year humanity becomes better educated, wealthier and more interconnected (Havelock, 2011): the Gates Foundation predic...

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Sociology and Social Change Perspectives

Projecting Mozambique’s Demographic Futures

by Julia Zinkina & Andrey Korotayev Abstract The “medium” population projection series by the UN Population Division forecasts nearcatastrophic population increase for a ...

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