Journal of Futures Studies

Participatory and Network Foresight

The Myanmar Futures Exchange: Development at the Cross-Roads
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by Alisha Bhagat ABSTRACT This report describes the methods and findings used at the 2014 Myanmar Futures Exchange (MFE), a futures workshop that engaged with government, NGOs, rel...

Political and Policy Foresight

Coping with Policy in Foresight
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by M.B.A. van Asselt, S.A. van’t Klooster & S.A. Veenman ABSTRACT Governments are in need of anticipating systems changes to reduce risks and stimulate desired developments. ...

Special Issues and Symposia

Case Studies

City Futures for City Leaders Penang Malaysia

by Shermon Cruz & Cesar H. Villanueva Introduction Why Futures? Cities have emerged as change agents towards sustainable futures. Discussion about its size, food routes, trans...

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Planetary Mega-crisis, Transition and Transformation

Viability: A Priority Criterion for the Mitigation of Climate Change and other Complex Socio-Ecological Issues

by Graeme Taylor ABSTRACT At present many researchers are exploring ways to improve the resilience of the global system, prevent catastrophic failure, and support the transition to...

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Action Research and Organizational Learning

Anticipatory Governance: Traditions and Trajectories for Strategic Design

by Jose M. Ramos ABSTRACT Over the course of the last half century, a number of practices were developed that connect foresight with governance. From the early development of techn...

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Macrohistory and Epochal Change Perspectives

Demystifying the Hawala System Using Causal Layered Analysis

by Umar Sheraz & M.N. Farooqi ABSTRACT This article explores the alternative futures of Hawala, a trust-based system used to transfer funds across countries and continents. Thi...

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Art and Design

Imagining the Future of the Transition from “Youth” to “Adult”: A Case Study of a Futures Literacy Knowledge Laboratory

by Kewulay Kamara Introduction In May of 2013 a meeting was convened at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center to start an exploration of the changes taking place in how t...

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