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Journal of Futures Studies
Epistemology, Methods, Applied and Alternative Futures

The Journal of Futures Studies is a globally-oriented, trans-disciplinary referred journal. Its mission is to develop high-quality, futures-oriented research and thinking based on the evolving knowledge base of Futures Studies. Articles accepted for publication are expected to show an in-depth understanding of the field's dimensions, content, research perspectives and methods.

To stimulate the systematic use and growth of futures literature, one of the criteria for article publication in this jour- nal is an indication of how the article relates to others in the futures literature. This should include reference to material published in this journal and in the others that are the core journals in the futures field (including, Futures, Foresight, Technology Forecasting and Social Change and Futures Research Quarterly) as well as futures material contained in books, monographs, and other journals.
Along with articles, the Journal will publish essays, reviews and symposia on the following:

  • Epistemologically focused futures studies on the construction of possible, probable and preferable futures
  • Methodologies in futures studies, including not only integrated, layered, and critical approaches, but empirical, interpretive or action-learning based approaches as well
  • Applied Futures(for example, case studies in the use of futures thinking for organizational transformation)
  • Alternative futures of particular subjects (for example, genetics, nano-technology, utopianism, social movements, or particular areas, such as East Asia)

Journal of Futures Studies
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