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Urban Futures and City Foresight

A Critical Analysis of Four South East Queensland City Futures Initiatives
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by Colin Russo Abstract The four initiatives being studied in this article are large and influential City Futures initiatives and involve some of the largest community engagements...

Gender Futures

Exploring the Future of Infant Feeding: Scenarios About the Future of Parenting, Infant Nutrition and Consumer Habits in The United States of America
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by Alexandra Whittington Abstract Four scenarios of infant feeding offer strategic insights about American culture and social patterns by generating implications for the future of...

Special Issues and Symposia

Cultural and Epistemological Foresight

Healing Ourselves and Healing the World: Consumerism and the Culture of Addiction

by Duncan M. Taylor & David Segal For many people the meaning of their lives is derived through consumerism. Hence, any shift from a consumer to a conserver society is often...

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Health Futures

Bangkok Flood Risk Management: Application of Foresight Methodology for Scenario and Policy Development

by Sreeja Nair, Wong Kai Wen & Chow Mei Ling Abstract Between end 2011 and early 2012, Bangkok was hit by massive flooding due to intense rainfall which together with high tid...

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Cultural, Trans-Cultural and Civilizational Foresight

Toilet Futures: Sustainability, Scenarios and Climate Change Futures

by Marcus Bussey Abstract This paper seeks to explore the concept “sustainable culture” by exploring the metaphorical possibilities inherent to the toilet. It offers an analy...

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Scenario Work and Alternative Futures

Scenarios for Australia in 2050: A Synthesis and Proposed Survey

by Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski, Steve Cork, Paul W. B. Atkins, Alexandra Bean, Alexis Diamond,  Nicola Grigg, Emily Korb, Jasmin Logg-Scarvell, Rajkumari Navis &am...

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Case Studies

Using a Futures Method to Improve an Older Adult’s Computer Learning Program: Lessons for a Beginning Futurist

by Michael Nycyk Introduction Computers, especially the Internet, have had a significant role in changing human behaviours. A healthy knowledge-based net-society, with widespread ...

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