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Selected Articles

Vol. 8 No. 4  May 2004

Title Author
Schools, Speciesism, and Hidden Curricula: The Role of Critical Pedagogy for Humane Education Futures Helena Pederson
The Role of System Theory in Scenario Planning Thomas Chermack
Researching Globalization: Re-thinking the Future of Collaborative Research Jorge Fernandes, Roberta Lamb, Shichao Li and James White
Mainstreaming Religion in Sustainable Development - A Causal Layered Analysis Sanne Agnete Tikjoeb
Corporate Corruption and Other Pathologies Joseph LaPalombara
Dramatic Transformations in Health Care and their Implications for Primary Care Sohail Inayatullah
The Consequences of Physical Immortality: Can Humans Cope with Radically Extended Lifespans? Bruce J. Klein
Maleny Working Together: a Research Project for Communities Having to Deal with the Future Now Susanne Haydon
The Mumbai World Social Forum: Alternative Futures from the Grassroots Jose Maria Ramos
FuturewatchJennifer Coote

Vol. 8 No. 3  Feb. 2004

Title Author
Why Space Power? Michel-Alexandre Cardin
Microtopias James H. Lee
The Future of Nature Rosaleen Love
Tomorrow’s Company - Bicycle, Frog, Puddle or River? Elizabeth Hagiefremidis
Futures of Identity, Racism, and Diversity

Jim Dator

The Only Game In Town H. Paul Shuch
The Road to the Future Joost van Steenis
FuturewatchJennifer Coote
Cities Create Their Futures Sohail Inayatullah

Vol. 8 No. 2  May 2004

Title Author
 In Memory of Alan Fricker Sohail Inayatullah
A Transformational Pedagogy for
Futures Studies with a Case Study in
Biodiversity Futures
Basil G. Savitsky


Anticipating Alternative Futures:
Using Scenarios for Long-Range
Planning in Hawaii

Kem Lowry, Karl Kim


Human Ecological Dysfunction and the
Value of Closed Biosphere Research
Hugo Blomfield


Integrated Intelligence: The Future of
Marcus Anthony
Three Maps for Navigating the Ocean of
Alternative Futures
Dennis List


Future Life Forms among Posthumans Jose' Luis Cordeiro
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 8 No. 1 Aug. 2003

Title Author
Editor's IntroductionSohail Inayatullah
A Challenging but Uncertain Future.Beliefs of the Dutch population about the future of work,work relations, and ICT in the 21st century. Peter Ester,Amelia Roman,Henk Vinken
Social Problems of the Future Lorne Tepperman, James Curtis
Educational Policy Futures Michael A. Peters
Decision Corridors as a Futuring Technique Kate Delaney
Molitor Forecasting Model: Key Dimensions for Plotting the "Patterns of Change."

Graham T.T. Molitor

How has American Life Changed since September 11? Wendell Bell
The Day"America"Changed for the World Jim Dator
The Future of Iraq Must Include the Freedom to Choose Economic Democracy Roar Bjonnes
There Are Alternatives! - And Resistance Is Possible. Johan Galtung
America as Eve-ill Empire Anthony Judge
An Active Peace Policy to Create a New Future Dietrich Fischer
Dose War Have a Future? Sohail Inayatullah
After Iraq: Trends Underlying the Initation of Generalized, Global War Jon Solomon
Applying Futures Studies to Community Needs: A Practitioner Looks Back at Futures Projects Natalie Dian
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 7 No. 4 May 2003

Title Author
Editor's Introduction Sohail Inayatullah
Genetics and Disability: Exploring Moral Space David Turnbull
Disabilities, Justice and the New Eugenics of Gene Therapy David Turnbull
Predictive Testing for an Individual at 25% Risk for Huntington's Disease: Present Conundrums, Future Challenges Sandy Taylor
Scenarios" Lite-Lessons from the Field Richard Smith
Re-Visioning Science Education from a Science Studies and Futures Perspective Lyn Carter and Caroline Smith
Visions Without Depth: Michio Kaku's Future Marcus Anthony
Alternative Futures of Genetics and Disability Sohail Inayatullah
The CLA Questioning Methodology Colin Russo
"The Future Human" Workshop Report Sesh Velamoor
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote
Tomorrow's Modern Futurist Alan Fricker

Vol. 7 No. 3 Feb. 2003

Teaching Futures Studies: Some Lessons LearnedJames Dator
The Future of Education in a Season of ChangeNatalie Dian
Need and Feasibility of an Open University for Futures Studies in EuropeFabienne Goux-Baudiment
Lessons from 25 Years of Futures TeachingGraham H. May
Forging the Futures: Teaching Futures Studies. Theory and Praxis in a Capitalist World-EconomyChristopher B. Jones
Teaching Futures Studies: From Strategy To Transformative ChangeSohail Inayatullah
Helping Students Realize Their Full Potentials: Teaching Futures Studies in Singapore and JapanRyota Ono
Market Wants, World NeedsPatrica Kelly
A Futures Perspective: Lessons from the School RoomDavid Hicks
11 September 2001 and Muslim-West Relations Ahmed Ishtiaq
Principles and Patterns of Economic Era DevelopmentGraham T.T. Molitor
Understanding our Moment in HistoryWilliam Van Dusen Wishard
Using Futures Studies to Transform : Exploring the SmartState VisionColin Russo
FuturewatchJennifer Coote

Vol. 7 No. 2 Nov. 2002

Towards the Non-Violent Transformation of ConflictFrancis Hutcbinson
Futures Learning: from eLearning towards a futures - oriented way of learningAnita Rubin
Integrating Futures Thinking into First Year EngineeringPatricia Kelly
Challenging the Digital DivideL. P. Rai
Looking Backwards Into the Future: A Critique of Islamic Modernism Istiaq Ahmed
Trends Shaping Transportation's FutureRobert L. Olson
Organisational Future Sense: Action Learning and FuturesRobert Burke
To end terrorism Dietrich Fischer & Johan Galtung
The Skeptical EnvironmentalistRichard Eckersley
FuturewatchJennifer Coote

Vol. 7 No. 1 Aug. 2002

Action Research as Foresight MethodologyJose M. Ramos
When Will Tomorrow Come?Chris Okechukwu Uroh
Unpacking Aviation Travel FuturesMurray May & Stuart B. Hill
Civic Responsibility Futures in Australian Higher EducationLaurence Brown
Islam, Postmodernism and Other FuturesGail Boxwell
Gujarat, Gujarat: Obituary of a CultureAshis Nandy
Making Futures Productive in the Courts and in EducationLester E. Cingcade
Cultivating Hope and Imagination Bliss W. Browne
Symposium on Genetics (Continued)
Controlled Evolution or Third World Collapse?John L. Robinson
In Defence of Biotech OptimismGraham T.T. Molitor
A Gathering of FuturistsRichard A.K. Lum
FuturewatchJennifer Coote

Vol. 6 No. 4 May 2002

From the 38th Parallel to a Border: Exploring Alternative Futures of KoreaYongseok Seo
Taiwan Adrift?: Cross Strait Relation at its Crossroads Yoshihisa Amae
Woth or Without: Comparative Study of Preparing Participatory Scenarios for IzmirAbdul Khakee, et al.
Futures: In Search or StrategyKate Delaney
Scenariodrama as a Gender-sensitive Tool for Learning from FuturesVuokko Jarva
Rethinking IslamZiauddin Sardar
Creative Pedagogies: Content, Structure and Process in Futures EducationBilly Matheson
Japan at the CrossroadsHazel Henderson
Linking Health Promoting Schools and Futures Eric Dommers, Sue M. Cooke and Julie M. Davis
Redesign Humens: Our Inevitable Genetic Future Graham T.T. Molitor
FuturewaterJennifer Coote
Letter to the EditorJan Lee Martin

Vol. 6 No. 3 Feb. 2002

The Clash of Civilizations and Universal Human ValuesWendell Bell
Gender, Peace and Terrestrial Futures: Alternatives to Terrorism and WarIvana Milojevic
Pro-search Needed inti Techno-virtual EGOsMonika G. Gaede
Managing in Organisations in the Future: Australia in the Next DecadeRobin Kramar
BobyBoomWomen@Work2020Monika Merkes
Genetic Engineering and Life Sciences: Controlling Evolution Graham T.T. Molitor
Molitor's Techno-discourse: Rhetoric UniconvincingRichard Hindmarsh
Perfection as Lifestyle ChoiceRosaleen Love
Playing Catch-up: Gene Technology and EthicsAstrid H. Gesche
Comment on Article by Graham Molitor (I)Walter Truett Anderson
Comment on Article by Graham Molitor (II)Gregory Peterson
The Health Endeavour of the FuturePeter Baume
Tragedy: What Futurists Can DoCharles Johnston
Muslims and the West after 11 September Pervez Hoodbhoy

Vol. 6 No. 2 Nov. 2001

Social Futures
Drawing and Storytelling as a Means for Understanding Children's Concepts of the Future: Research in ProgressSusan Wright
Close Relations at A Distance Lorne Tepperman
Sustainable Education: Policy in Search of a New LanguageMarcus Bussey
Globalization and its Impact on YouthJennifer Gidley
This Way to the FuturePeter Saul
Rethinking Darwin: A Vision for the 21st CenturyDavid Loye
Anticipating Emerging Issues: Reflection from a FuturistPaul Wildman
Archeology and the FutureBrain M. Fagan
Futurewatching from "Down Under"Jennifer Coote
Transforming Learning for the FutureChi-Ming Chung and Flora C. I. Chang
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote
NewFutures Conference 2000: Metaphors of TomorrowJose Maria Romos

Vol. 5 No. 4 May 2001

Contradictions and Institutional Convergence: Genre as MethodPhilip Graham
Futures of Socioeconomic DemocracyRobley E. George
Reinventing EducationDan Butts and Michael Whitty
Alternative Futures of GlobalizationIvana Milojevic
Two Aspects of Questions of Environment AccountingShiu Mei Lin
Symposium The Futures of Shopping and Retailing
Historical Scences and Alternative FuturesJim Dator
Retailing: Historical Patterns and Future TrendsMike Hollinshead
Eco-bots in Your Future: the Future of the Middle-manSohail Inayatullah
Competition and CoexistenceMathias Bildhauer
The Biology of GlobalizationElisabet Sahtouris
The Six Chinas: Prospects for Peaceful FutureJohan Galtung
Space, the Genome and the ComputerWalter P. Kistler
Human Futures: An Eternal PlaySesh Velamoor
Exploreing the Corporate Culture GapJan Lee Martin
FuturewatchJennifer Coote
Donella "Dana" Meadows: the Consummate Global CitizenSeth J. Itzkan
Global Trends 2015David Woolfson

Vol. 5 No. 3 Feb. 2001

Health Futures
Biomimetic and Genetically Engineered Futures: Humanity at the Crossroads?Alan Fricker
What Place is there for People with 'Serious' Genetic Conditions in a Geneticised World?David Turnbull
Fuzzy Issues in the Future of Healthcare: What Futures Studies Can Teach UsLorne Tepperman, Edward Thompson
Digital Futures
Whose Digital Future? Players and BystandersTony Stevenson
Human Capital Formation in Africa: Super Technology and Megatrends for the Twenty-first CenturyC. F. Lema, John W. Forje
For the People by the People of the WorldJonathan Robert Banks
Post-modernization and Globalization: New Approaches to Imperialism in the 21th CenturyGeorge. L. Aguilar
Learning Journeys and Future Generations: Towards Cultures of PeaceFrank Hutchinson
Partnership Education for the 21th CenturyRiane Eisler
FuturewatchJennifer Coote
An Australian GP Futures Conference Eric Dommers, Doug Welch

Vol. 5 No. 2 Nov. 2000

Futures Studies
Futures Studies and the Problem of EvilWendell Bell
Critical Spirituality: Neo Humanism as MethodMarcus Bussey
Worldviews, Assumptions and Typologies of the FutureGraham H. May
Education Futures
Futures in Education: Encouraging Reflective PracticeDavid Hicks
Education for the ElderlyWen-Hui Tsai
Changing Priorities-Constant ValuesMahdi Elmandjra
Area Studies
Taiwan-China Scenarios in the Age of Technological IntegrationClement C.P. Chang
Post-Bubble Japanese Community FuturesDavid L. Wright
Prout's Solution for Japan's Economic CrisisA'carya Krs'n'aseva'nanda
African Problems and Future ProspectsKolawole A. Owolabi
Science, Civilization and Global EthicsSohail Inayatullah
Culture and the Selection of Techniques for Exploring the FutureJoseph F. Coates

Vol. 5 No. 1 Aug. 2000

Intellectual Trade between Economics and sociology: Rationality and Choice in Futures StudiesJyh-Horng Lin, Yu-Ying Teng and Chun-Hui Chang
Transforming Workplaces of the Future: Unpacking EEO Policy in Australia Brenda Hall-Taylor
Giving Money Value Alan Fricker
Why do We Still Do It? The Curse of Panacea ManiaRobert Burke
Asia Past, Present, Future: A Civilization PerspectiveSesh Velamoor
Unconventional Wisdom for the Future Michel Godet
Forty Year Effort to Ascertain How Public Policy EvolvesGraham T. T. Molitor
Empirical Forecasting Methods: Beyond ExtrapolationJ. Scott Armstrong

Vol. 4 No. 2 May 2000

Trends in International Migration: Globalization, Localization, and Identity Politics Magid Tehranian
Impact of New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) on Socio-economic and Educational Development of Africa and the Asia-Pacific Levi Obijiofor, Sohail Inayatullah and Tony Stevenson
Fast Forward to Fragmented Futures: The Likely Futures of Governance and Civil Society Rakesh Kapoor
Underpinning Dimensions of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture Alan Fricker
Life Futures: An Initial Taxonomy of Terrestrial and Non Terrestrial Forms of Life Paul Wildman
Toward a Nonviolent 21st Century Glenn D. Paige
Leaving Behind a Century of Violence Johan Galtung
The Future of Religion in IndiaS. P. Udayakumar
Where Shall Pakistan be in Year 3000?Pervez Hoodbhoy
The Future of Islam: Tie up Your Came Munawar A. Anees

Vol. 4 No. 1 Nov. 1999

Causes and Futures of the "Asian" Financial Crisis Lydia Kruger
An Examination of Net Community as A Pedagogical Enterprise Huey-Li Li
Cultural Dislocation and Urban Anarchy in Africa: Towards a Future of a Humanized City Chris Okechukwu Uroh
The Evolution of the Social Security System in America and Its Future Wen-Hui Tsai
Russian Images of Today in Japan: Toward the Future Cooperation Shigeyuki Itow
New Media and the Global Economy Betrand Schneider
Envisioning the Futures of Taiwan Chih-Ming Lin
Symposium on Beyond Capitalism
Debacle or Design: Review of 'The Depression the Transformation of the Capitalist System' Paul Wildman
Symposium on The Future of Religion
The Future of Religion FAQ Richard S. Kirby and Jay E. Gary
A Commentary on Future of Religion FAQ Hsinchih Chen
A Multi-Cultural Spiritual Perspective on the Futures of Religion Dada Maheshvarananda
The Changing Religion Jui-kuei Chen

Vol. 3 No. 2 May 1999

Social Dilemmas in the Discourse of Sustainability Alan Fricker
Reaffirming the Limits: A Critique of Beckerman's "Small is Stupid" and Simon's "The State of Humanity" Ted Trainer
Future of Nigerian Women Evelyn L. Wilson & Diane Keithly
Caluing Young People's Voice on the Future as if They Really MatteredFrank Hutchinson
East Asian Commonwealth in 2025: A Positive Scenario for East Asia Seen from EuropeMarc Luyckx
A Symposium on Beyond Capitalism
The Depression as the Transformation of the Capitalist System
Sohail Inayatullah
A Commentary on Beyond CapitalismBrenda Hall-Taylor
A Commentary on Beyond CapitalismAlan Fricker
A Commentary on Beyond CapitalismJohn Robison
A Commentary on Beyond CapitalismCharles Paprocki

Vol. 2 No. 2 May 1998

Civilization, Leadership and Inclusive Democracy Sohail Inayatullah
Regional Paradigms in China's Economic Transition Sam Cole
Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects of Development in the New Millennium Dawood H. Sultan Thomas J. Durant
The Public Sector in a Sustainable Economy John Robinson
Development and Utilization of Space Resources Jiarui Lu and Wenli Pan

Vol. 2 No. 1 Nov. 1997

One Moment Business and One Year Business in the Asia-Pacific Region Shigeyuki Itow
The Future of Food Irradiation Toby A. Ten Eyck
Taiwan's Labor Movement in the New International Division of Labor Chuan Chuan Tung
The Implications of Death for the Future: Ecological Determinants of Infant Mortality in Louisiana Shew-Jiuan B. Su
Language and Culture: Motivation of Learning Japanese for the Students Who are in Multicultural Environment Kiyomi Ando

Vol. 1 No. 2  May 1997

An Improved Method of Predicting the Future: A Result on Improving the Stein-Rule Shrinkage Estimators of Regression Coefficients Ching-Hui Chang et al.
Ideology and Development: Gandihm and Maoism on Deurbanization Thomas C. Wang Christine Uting

Vol.1 No. 1 Nov. 1996

Title Author
Establishing Futures Studies with Global Scholars Clement C.P. Chang
Mapping the Future:Creating a Structural Overview of the Next 20 years Richard A. Slaughter
Futures of the UN in Emerging World Orders Sohail Inayatullah
Why Futures Research? John Robinson
Science, Power and the Development of Culture: Great Scientific Advances Transforming Our Future João Caraça
An Institutional Approach to World-Systems Analysis Kuo-Hua Chen