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Articles and Essays

Vol. 18 No. 4 June 2014

Title Author
Collaborative Futures: Integrating Foresight
with Design in Large Scale Innovation
Processes-Seeing and Seeding the Futures of
Angela Wilkinson,Martin Mayer & Verena Ringler
The Futures of Islamic Banking in the Gulf
Cooperation Council (GCC)
Nedal El-Ghattis
CLA as Process: Mapping the Theory and
Practice of the Multiple
Marcus Bussey
Using Causal Layered Analysis to
Understand the Alliance between Social
Workers with Their Professional Association
Gilbert Fan&Joan N. W. Khng
The Effects of Scenario Planning on
Antecedents to Participant Engagement at
Helen Allison Hawkins & Thomas J. Chermack
Law Enforcement Leadership for a Changing World Michael Outram, Rainer Brenner, Dougal McClelland & Anders Dorph
Executive Summary of the 2013‑14 State of the Future

Jerome Glenn


From Crops to Care: The Changing Nature of Health Care in Rural Australia Willow Pryor
The Open Futures Library: One Step Toward a Global Foresight Commons Gareth Priday, Tim Mansfield & José Ramos


Vol. 18 No. 3 March 2014

Title Author
Narrative and Futures Studies: Introduction by the Special Editor Vuokko Jarva
Introduction to Narrative For Futures Studies Vuokko Jarva
Creating Alternative Selves: The Use of Futures Discourse in Narrative Therapy
Ivana Milojević
Untangling Teachers’ Images of Their Futures Through Their Responses to the Futures Narratives of Children Debra Bateman
Tales of Our Tomorrows: Transmedia Storytelling and Communicating About the Future Peter von Stackelberg & Ruth Eira Jones
Narrative Rhetorics in Scenario Work:
Sensemaking and Translation
Zhan Li
Extending the Scenario Horizon: Putting
Narratives to Work
Marcus Bussey
Postcards as Doorways

Andrew Curry & Victoria Ward


The Challenges of Living Scenarios for
Australia in 2050
Kristin Alford, Steven Cork, John Finnigan, Nicky Grigg, Beth Fulton & Michael Raupauch


Vol. 18 No. 2 December 2013

Title Author
Learnings From Futures Studies:
Learnings From Dator
Sohail Inayatullah
Exploring the Possibility of East Asian
Futures Studies: Reinterpreting Dator
through Zhuangzi
SeongWon Park
Possible Scenarios on the Future of the Panatag Shoal
Shermon O. Cruz
Scenario Analyses of the Futures of
Journalism Profession
Jari Kaivo-oja
The Common Futures of India and Pakistan:
A New Approach
Gautam Wahi
Introduction to the Festschrift for Jim Dator Christopher B. Jones & Wendy L. Schultz
Introducing James Allen Dator: A Great Friend, Scholar and Teacher

Eleonora Barbieri Masini


James A. Dator: The Man Who Beats the Drum for Futures Studies Wendell Bell
Surfing Dator's Tsunamis of Change:
Confessions of a Part-time Futurist
Christopher B. Jones
Serendipitous Connections and the Future of
Futures Studies
Debora Halbert
Being a Datorling Jordi Serra
Jim Dator: The Living Embodiment of
Futures Studies
Jake F. Dunagan
Structure Matters: Method to Manoa School's Madness or How I became
convinced Jim Dator is a robot!
John A. Sweeney


Vol. 18 No. 1 September 2013

Title Author
Using Gaming to Understand the Patterns of
the Future - The Sarkar Game in Action
Sohail Inayatullah
Neo-Growth in Future Post-Carbon Cities  Sirkka Heinonen
Impact of ICT Based Education on the
Information Society
László Duma&Eszter Monda
Offering the Reference Model of Backcasting
Approach for Achieving Sustainable
Fatemeh Saghafi,Alireza Aliahmadi,Seyyed Sepehr Ghazy Noori&Mansoureh Hourali
Forging the Synergy between Anticipation
and Innovation: The Futures Action Model
José M. Ramos
The World Futures Studies Federation
celebrates 40 years – Bucharest 2013
Aubrey Yee
Book Review
Prospectiva e innovación, Vol. 1, Visiones
(Prospective and Innovation, Vol. 1, Visions).

Antonio Alonso Concheiro


Making a Conscious Future-Responsible
Alireza Hejazi

Vol. 17 No. 4 June 2013

Title Author
Dryland: Artificial Islands as New
Fabrizio Bozzato
Addressing Culturality: Exploring
Alternative and more Authentic Routes
for (Australian) Higher Education
José W.I.M. van den Akker
Professionalizing foresight: Why do it, where
it stands, and what needs to be done
Andy Hines&Jeff Gold
Public sector horizon scanning – stocktake
of the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning
Kate Delaney&Louise Osborne
The Futures of Power in the Network Era Jose M. Ramos
Rethinking Guanxi
Towards an Ethical Imagination of Asian
SungTae Lee
Foresight Work as Bridge Building: Poetry,
Presence and Beyond
Marcus Bussey
Communicating Power:
Technological Innovation and Social Change
in the Past, Present, and Futures

Jim Dator,John A. Sweeney,Aubrey Yee&Aaron Rosa


Futures 101 for the Top Guns Umar Sheraz


Vol. 17 No. 3 March 2013

Title Author
The Future of Water Resource Management
in the Muslim World*
Syeda Mariya Absar
Climate Change and Futures Epistemologies:
Tensions, Trends and Possibilities in Climate
Discourses Epitomised by Three Prominent
Climate Experts
Stephen McGrail
Energy Bonanza or Abyss: Israel’s Options
for the Future
David Lefutso
Woman Branded Liar by High Court Judge:
Leadership, Professionalism and Ethics for
The Future
Eddie Blass
Futures of Ageing in Singapore Wong Kai Wen
Introduction I:
Bringing bodies and minds together
Jim Dator
Introduction II Aubrey Yee
Introduction and Short Pieces John A. Sweeney
Future Visions for 2030: Of Economy,
Sustainability and Employment
Juha Saukkonen et. al


The Dawn of our Patent Futures Heather Frey
The Great Rebirth: The Future of
Capitalism, Economy, and Exchange
Christopher Manfredi
“Generation Screwed” - Are US youths
opting or being forced out of society?
Janet Faulkner
Emerging Issues Leading Korea into a
Dream Society
Bumchul Shin
A Canticle for Mary Sue: What Transmedia
Aesthetics might do for Futures
Zhan Li
Occlusive Reality Aaron Rosa
Bad Language: Emerging Issues in
Electronic Discourse
Rex Troumbley
Dator’s 2nd Law of South Park: Imagining
(poorly animated) Futures of Religion,
Technology, & Culture
John A. Sweeney
Mutant Futurists in the 21st Century Jose Ramos


Vol. 17 No. 2 December 2012

Title Author
The Changing Social Meaning of Pets and Their Alternative Futures Yaling Chou
Class Warfare, Anarchy and the Future
Mathew Maavak
Using Causal Layered Analysis to Explore
the Relationship Between Academics and
Administrators in Universities
Maree Conway
A Valid Matter for Managerial Foresight Martin Amsteus
Climate Change and Hydro-conflicts
The Storylines of Sudr Scenarios: A Platform
for Adaptation
Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed,Mohamed A Osman,Naglaa Loutfy & Mahmoud Farag Mahmoud
Consciousness, Cosmic Evolution, and the
Technological Singularity
Tom Lombardo
Ta’wil Al-Ahaadith: A Philological
Perspective to Semantic Roots of Strategic
Foresight in Ancient Arabic
Vahid V. Motlagh
Malaysian Universities in Transformation Sohail Inayatullah
Future Arts, Media, and Entertainment:
Seeds for 2020

Kate McCallum


Book Reviews
An Invitation to the Futures: A Review of
Wendell Bell’s ‘Memories of the Future’
Gareth Priday
A Systematic Approach in Strategic
Alireza Hejazi

Vol. 17 No. 1  September 2012

Title Author
Special Edition on the Communication of Foresight Jose Ramos
Imaginal Visioning for Prophetic Foresight Oliver Markley
Scenario Art: A New Futures Method that Uses Art to Support Decision-Making for Sustainable Development Aleta Lederwasch
Forward Theatre and Causal Layered Analysis
Sabina Head
Experience-based Exploration of Complex Energy Systems Andreas Ligtvoet & Emile J. L. Chappin
Foresight in a Network Era: Peer-producing Alternative Futures Jose Ramos, Tim Mansfield, & Gareth Priday
Open Foresight Venessa Miemis, John Smart, & Alvis Brigis
Evolutionary Guidance Media: an Integral Framework for Foresight Communication Dana Klisanin
Introduction to the Symposium on Complexity, Narrative, Participation, and Images of the Future Wendy L. Schultz
Design Futurescaping Justin Pickard, Anab Jain, & Jon Ardern
Crowd-sourced Collective Intelligence Platform for Participatory Scenarios and Foresight Noah Raford
Scenarios: A Hero’s Journey across Turbulent Systems Wendy Schultz, Christian Crews, & Richard Lum
Massively Multi-player Futuring: IFTF’s Foresight Engine Jake Dunagan
The Singularity is Boring: an Open, Collaborative ‘Mock-up’ Justin Pickard, Noah Raford, Wendy Schultz, Jake Dunagan, Scott
Smith, & uncounted others
Coda: Communicating Futures - an Uncommon Urge Scott Smith

Vol. 16 No. 4  June 2012

Title Author
Introduction to this Special Edition on Australian Contributions to the Millennium Project Anita Kelleher
How Can Everyone Have Sufficient Clean Water Without Conflict? Anita Kelleher
Responding to the Millennium Project’s Energy Challenge: A Futurist’s Perspective Joshua Floyd
Australia’s Potential Internet Futures: Incasting Alternatives Using a New Technology Images Framework
Alex Burns & Stephen McGrail
Why the Creation of a Better World is Premised on Achieving Gender Equity and on Celebrating Multiple Gender Diversities Ivana Milojevic
The Complex Futures of Emerging Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Science Foresight and Governance in Australia Kristin Alford, Sarah Keenihan & Stephen McGrail
New Windows onto New Worlds: Final Thoughts on the Future of Strategic Foresight Richard Hames
Sustainable Development and Climate Change Chris Riedy
Towards a Sustainable Balance of Population and Resources: Australia to 2050 Neville Bruce
How Can the Threat of New and Emerging Infectious Diseases be Reduced? Graeme Woodrow
Work in Progress Report on the Relevance of Rediscovering the Australian Bush Mechanic as a Credible Chiro-pedagogical Modality of Critical Futures Praxis Paul Wildman
Jan Lee Martin Award Announcement


Vol. 16 No. 3  March 2012

Title Author
Unpacking Images of China Using Causal Layered Analysis Jeanne Hoffman
‘Cracks in the System’: Problematisation of the Future and the Growth of Anticipatory and Interventionist Practices Stephen McGrail
Future Peace: Breaking Cycles of Violence through Futures Thinking Tessa Finlev
Promoting Diversity in Long Term Policy Development: The SMARTT Case of Norway
Jan E. Karlsen & Erik F. Øverland
Peering into the Futures of Liberal Arts Shermon Ortega Cruz
International Affairs in the New Millennium: A Futures Perspective Sesh Velamoor
A Simple Guide to Futurewatching Jennifer Coote
The Spaces in Between Alan Fricker
   Book Review
Wisdom and Futures Studies Vahid Motlagh
Jan Lee Martin Best Publication Award

Vol. 16 No. 2  December 2011

Title Author
Screenplay As Scenario Vehicle: Unpacking the Implications of Korean Unification in an Asian Remake of "A Clockwork Orange" Timothy Dolan
Forward Theatre: An Introduction Sabina Head
Learning English in Taiwan's Elementary Schools Wu, Tzu-Ying
Crisis, Deep Meaning and the Opportunity for Change
Marcus T. Anthony
Global Megacrisis: A Survey of Four Scenarios on a Pessimism-Optimism Axis William Halal & Michael Marien
Exploring the Corporate Culture Gap Jan Lee Martin
Introduction to the Symposium on the Global Megacrisis Jose M. Ramos
Response to the Marien-Halal Debate Jim Dator
Towards a Planetary Conversation? Anita Kelleher
Responding to the Global Megacrisis Richard A. Slaughter
Towards Planetary Consciousness? Vuokko Jarva
Global Megacrisis and the P2P Response Michel Bauwens
Manifesting Upside Recovery Instead of Downside Fear: Five Ways Megacrisis Anticipation Can Proactively Improve Futures Research and Social Policy Oliver Markley
Towards Four point Nine Marcus Barber
Global Megacrisis and Response: A Perspective from India Rakesh Kapoor
Creating Futures Movement One Step at a Time Kuo-Hua Chen
Learning from Japan: Megacrisis Ryota Ono
Which Global Prospect to Bet on: Rosy or Gloomy Vahid V. Motlagh
Apocalyptic Fears Have no Basis in Fact. We Are on Our Way up, Not down Ronald G. Havelock
The Megacrisis and the New Master Paradigm: Toward Shared Understanding Michael Marien
Moving Ahead on the Global Megacrisis: Useful and Not So Useful Responses William Halal

Vol. 16 No. 1  September 2011

Title Author
Future Evolution of the Human Brain Arthur Saniotis & Maciej Henneberg
Creativity, Wisdom, and Our Evolutionary Future Thomas Lombardo
The Signification Process of the Future Sign Osmo Kuusi & Elina Hiltunen
Steps Toward an Explicit Ontology of the Future
Roberto Poli
The Rise and Fall of Growth: The Inappropriateness of Continuous Unchecked Growth Robert Burke
Education: Time to rethink the Industrial model? Graham H. May
The Emergence of Subtle Organicism Michael Towsey
Microvita and Other Spaces: Deepening Research through Intuitional Practice Marcus Bussey
Consciousness and the Physical World: Ontological Reflections on Michael Towsey's "The Emergence of Subtle Organism" Thomas Lombardo
Toward Higher Consciousness Theory and Research William Halal
Situating "Microvita" within the Panoply of Disciplinary Jargon Timothy Dolan
The Emergence of Subtle Organicism A Reply to Comments from M. Bussey, T. Dolan, W. Halal and T. Lombardo Michael Towsey
An Invigorating Dialogue on Consciousness Vuokko Jarva
Crowdsourcing the Future: The Foresight Process at Finpro Elina Hiltunen

Vol. 15 No. 4  June 2011

Title Author
Path Dependence, Path Breaking, and Path Creation: A Theoretical Scaffolding for Futures Studies? Victor Tiberius
Towards a "Planned Path Emergence" View on Future Genesis Victor Tiberius
Individual Path Dependency and Social Inertia: Facing the Crudeness of Sociology Marc R. H. Roedenbeck
Creating and Breaking Paths in Organizational Culture:
A Cognitive-Evolutionary Perspective
Udo Staber
Path Dependency and Path Creation: Continuity vs. Fundamental Change in National Economies Gerd Schienstock
Social Networks for Path Creation: Education for Sustainable Development Matters Nina Kolleck, Gerhard de Haan & Robert Fischbach
Path Dependency and Path Creation in a Strategic Perspective Tamás Gáspár
Teaching and Learning the Future: Process Part 3: "So You Want to Teach the Future?" Stephen F. Steele
How to Teach Futures Studies: Some Experiences Eleonora Barbieri Masini
Relational Futures in Preschool Heidi Gustafson
Getting Started in Educational Futuristics Arthur B. Shostak
Good Roads and Potholes: Teaching Foresight to Younger Children Timothy C. Mack
Unexpected Issues and Solutions: Emerge from Environmental Manipulation Strategy John Cokley & Marisha McAuliffe
Case Study: Futurizing the K-12 Teaching Practice Kay E. Strong & Peter C. Bishop
Transforming Public Institutions: Some Conclusions from Applications of Scenario Planning Method to Determine Strategic Directions Azhari-Karim
A Vision for Mining and Minerals: Applying Causal Layered Analysis and Art Aleta Lederwasch, Leah Mason, Jane Daly, Timothy Prior & Damien Giurco
Energy Foresight Pakistan: Lessons from Energy Expert Panel meetings Badar Sultan Minhas
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 15 No. 3  March 2011

Title Author
Editor's Introduction to This Special Issue on "Sustainable Futures" Stephen McGrail
Changing Cultural Values and the Transition to Sustainability Hardin Tibbs
Futures of the Climate Action Movement: Insights from an
Integral Futures Approach
Chris Riedy
Leveraging Organisational Values for Sustainability Initiatives Marcus Barber
The Quality of Development Index – A New Headline Indicator of Progress John Stutz
Avatar... and the 'Sustainabullies' of Higher Education Patricia Kelly
Environmentalism in Transition? Emerging Perspectives, Issues
and Futures Practices in Contemporary Environmentalism
Stephen McGrail
Research and Action toward the Upside of Down Oliver Markley
Designing 2050: Imagining and Building a Global Sustainable Society Peter Ellyard
Alfred Deakin Lectures 2010: Brave New World? The Climate Change Challenge Elizabeth Rudd & Robyn White
Book Review:
The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource-limited World
Stephen McGrail

Vol. 15 No. 2  December 2010

Title Author
Asia's Exotic Futures in the Far beyond the Present Vahid V. Motlagh
Mining Futures: Beyond the Headlines Umar Sheraz
Revisiting Adhocracy: From Rhetorical Revisionism to Smart
Timothy E. Dolan
Politics for the Neurocentric Age Jake F. Dunagan
Intersections of Strategic Planning and Futures Studies:
Methodological Complementarities
Curtis W. Roney
Scared of Our Own Shadow? The Burka as A Metaphorical
Mirror for Imperious Culture
Anthony Judge
Futurists in Australia Ryota Ono
      Symposium – Guest Editor Jan Lee Martin
Statisticians: New Champions For the Future? Jan Lee Martin
Measuring what Matters to Make a Difference Jon Hall
Enlisting Futures Studies in a Democratic Vision of Progress
Mike Salvaris
Our Bold Future: How Our Tiger Changed Its Stripes Colin Russo
The New Oregon Model: Envision-> Plan ->Achieve Steven Ames
Anticipatory Democracy and Aspirational Futures Clement Bezold
Separating Goals from Measures, and Economic Growth as the Primary Measure Jim Dator
Alternative Futures for Academic Libraries David J. Staley & Kara J. Malenfant
The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis William E. Halal
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 15 No. 1  September 2010

Title Author
Risk Mysterianism and Cognitive Boosters Philippe Verdoux
Implementing a Student-Centered Learning Approach at
Vietnamese Higher Education Institutions: Barriers under Layers
of Casual Layered Analysis (CLA)
Pham Thi Hong Thanh
Towards a Transmodern Transformation of our Global Society:
European Challenges and Opportunities
Marc Luyckx Ghisi
Sustainability and Executive Education: A Call for a New Model Robert Burke
Can We Make the Changes? Insights from the Edge Patricia Kelly
Management Studies and a Changing World Sesh Velamoor
Fostering New Values and Stories in Higher Education:
What Climate Change Brings to the Educational Table
Marcus Bussey
      Symposium – Guest Editor Stephen Steele
Teaching and Learning the Future: Projects and Programs
Part 2: "So You Want to Teach the Future?"
Stephen Steele
Taking the Future to the Community Steven T. Henick
Leading from the Future: A Review of the Regent Foresight
Jay Gary
Futures Literacy in New Zealand Stephanie Pride, Bog Frame, & Derek Gill
A Course on Foresight for Sponsors and Practitioners Denis Loveridge, Michael Keenan, & Ozcan Saritas
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 14 No. 4  June 2010

Title Author
Future Shock – Discussing the Changing Temporal Architecture of
Daily Life
Mika Pantzar
Nano Dreams and Nightmares: Emerging Technoscience and the
Framing and (re)Interpreting of the Future, Present and Past
Stephen McGrail
Forest Futures: A Causal Layered Analysis Amelia Ariell
All-Embracing (Triune) Medicine of the Individual's Health:
A Biocosmological Perspective
Konstantin S. Khroutski
Speculative Stem Cell Futures: Some Prospective Commercial
Models for Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell Based Therapies
Olivia Harvey
      Symposium – Teaching and Learning the Future
"So You Want to Teach the Future?" A Symposium on Teaching and Learning the Future – Overview Stephen F. Steele
Why Teach the Future? Peter C. Bishop & Kay E. Strong
The Next Wave Verne Wheelwright
Futures Studies Meeting a Growing Demand for 21st Century Education Gary Marx
Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Futures Education Thomas Lombardo
Didactics of Futures Studies Victor Tiberius
Hidden Assumptions that Limit Foresight and Other Education Dave Stein
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 14 No. 3  March 2010

Title Author
Timeline 22-Step Model for Tracking and Forecasting Public Policy Change Graham T. T. Molitor
The Cross as Metaphor for Cross-Cultural Education José van den Akker
Is Sustainability the Enemy of Progress or the Key to Creating a Future Worth Having? Three Provocative Perspectives on Sustainability, Climate Change and the Future Stephen McGrail
Symposium – The futures of the global financial crisis
From Illness to Health: Mapping the Futures of the Global Financial Crisis Sohail Inayatullah
Canaries in the Mind: Exploring How the Financial Crisis Impacts 21st Century Future-Mindfulness Angela Wilkinson & Rafael Ramirez
Remedies to Global Crisis: "Allopathic" or "Homeopathic"? Metaphorical Complementarity of "Conventional" and "Alternative" Models Anthony Judge
What Kind of Crisis Is It? Andrew Curry & Hardin Tibbs
Is Our Monetary Structure a Systemic Cause for Financial Instability? Evidence and Remedies from Nature Bernard Lietaer, Robert Ulanowicz, Sally Goerner& Nadia McLaren
Multiple Narratives of the Futures of the Global Financial Crisis Sohail Inayatullah
Australia 2025: Three Global Scenarios. A Framework for Analysing Australia's Possible Future Workplaces and Workforce Development Requirements Peter Saul
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 14 No. 2  November 2009

Title Author
FuturistsAlternative Futures at the Manoa School Jim Dator
Deep Futures and China's Environment Marcus T. Anthony
Divided China Stands: The Two Half Chinas Alternative Maorong Jiang
El Maghara Scenario A Search for Sustainability and Equity: An Egyptian Case Study Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed, Mohamed Saleh, Adel Farid Abdelkadir, & Ahmed Abdelrehim
Iran's Future Scenarios: An Illustrative Discussion of Multiple Mental Models Vahid V. Motlagh
Some Theories of Social Change for Futures Practitioners Jonathan Peck
Jim Dator's Alternative Futures and the Path to IAF's Aspirational Futures Clement Bezold
        Symposium Essays
Zero Zone Theory and Futures Studies: Two Ridiculous Ideas? Jim Dator
The Second Metric Revolution May Be Underway Seong Won Park
Can One Parameter Provide the Key to the Understanding of Natural Phenomena? Can There Be a Starting Theory to Explain Everything? Dong Bong Yang
Zero Zone Theory Expressing Everything via One Parameter and Its Application to Find New Equations Dong Bong Yang, Sang Zee Lee, Myung Hwan Oh
Zero-Zone Theory and Its Implication in Our Civilization: A Summary Kai Hong
Plato's Noble Lie and the Imaginary Number i: An Introduction to the Zero Zone System of Measurement in the Context of Plato's Republic and the Laws Timothy Desmond
2009 State of the Future: Executive Summary Jerome Glenn, Theodore Gordon, & Elizabeth Florescu
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 14 No. 1  August 2009

Title Author
Foresight Styles Assessment: Testing a New Tool for Consulting Futurists Jay E. Gary
Present and Future Developments in Cognitive Enhancement Technologies Arthur Saniotis
Entropy and Immortality Charles Tandy
The Present and Future of Americanization in South Korea Seong Won Park
My Journey as a Futurist Peter Saul
Community, Creative Imagination and Cultures of Peace: A Peace Education and Critical Futurist Perspective Francis P. Hutchinson
Defeating the Taliban: Creating an Alternative Future Through Reframing and Humour Sohail Inayatullah
The Future Has Arrived: Forecasts of the 2015 Economic Boom William E. Halal
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 13 No. 4  May 2009

Title Author
Reflective Practice and Practitioners Rowena Morrow & Peter Bishop
        Articles & Essays
Reframing the Future Jennifer Jarratt & John B. Mahaffie
Footprints of the Future: Timelines and Exploratory Forecasts in Futures Research Peter von Stackelberg
Roads Less Travelled: Different Methods, Different Futures Andrew Curry & Wendy Schultz
Should Probabilities Be Used with Scenarios? Stephen M. Millett
Foresight Maturity Model (FMM): Achieving Best Practices in the Foresight Field Terry Grim
Aspirational Futures Clem Bezold
Futures for Everyone Verne Wheelwright
Learning from the Politics of Futures Steve Gould
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 13 No. 3  February 2009

Title Author
Philanthropy Transformed: Emerging Change and Changes in Charities Wendy L. Schultz
Causal Layered Pedagogy: Rethinking Curricula Practice Marcus Bussey
The Unholy Trinity, Plus One Jim Dator
Technological Singularity and Transcendental Monism: Co-producers of Sustainable Alternative Futures Jan H. Naude
Foresight Styles Assessment: A Theory Based Study in Competency and Change Natalie Dian
        Scenario Symposium
Questioning Scenarios Sohail Inayatullah
Scenarios: Worth the Effort? Graham T.T. Molitor
Scenarios in Action: Comments and New Directions Fabrice Roubelat
From Strategic Foresight to Conversations about Alternative and Desired Futures Using Scenarios to Transform the Present Robert Burke
Utility and Drawbacks of Scenario Planning in Taiwan and China Jui-Kuei Chen
Scenarios Practices: In Search of Theory Angela Wilkinson
An Integral Approach to Scenarios Peter Hayward & Rowena Morrow
From Foresight to Insight: Using Scenarios Well Andrew Curry
Windows for the Mind: The Use of Scenario Planning for Enhancing Decision-Making and Managing Uncertainty Gary Saliba
Stepping into, or through, the Mirror: Embodying Alternative Scenario Patterns Anthony Judge
Questioning Scenarios Marcus Barber
Reinventing the Wheel: Common Sense and Responsibility in Futures Studies Jordi Serra
Scenarios: Process and Outcome Elina Hiltunen
Who will Engage in Scenario Planning Ten to Twenty Years from Now? Rosaleen Love
If it Works, Use it: Symposium Response by Graham Molitor Graham T.T. Molitor
Reflection on Thirty Years Involvement with Futures Thinking from a UK Perspective Graham H. May
Wendell Bell and Oliver W. Markley: Two Futurists' Views of the Preferable, the Possible and the Probable Darrell Kicker
Optimizing The Obama Shift David Loye
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 13 No. 2  November 2008

Title Author
Making Peace: Kosovo/a and Serbia Ivana Milojevic
The End of National Belonging? Future
Scenarios of National Belonging from
Migration Experiences of Taiwanese
Businessmen in Shenzhen
Jian-Bang Deng
Alternative Futures for Panama's
Systematic Development
Jose Polo
The Next 50 Years for Malaysia: An
Inquiry Using Alternative Futures
Prenatal Bioethics, Advocacy, and the
Requirement of a Third Moral Space
David Turnbull
A Challenging Conversation on Integral
Futures: Embodied Foresight &
Josh Floyd, Alex Burns & Jose Ramos
Wretched or Contented? The Politics of
Past Life
Richard Eckersley


Vol. 13 No. 1  August 2008

Title Author
Seeing in Multiple Horizons: Connecting Futures to Strategy Andrew Curry & Anthony Hodgson
The Imperative of Strategic Foresight to Strategic Thinking Luke van der Laan
The Archetypal, Twenty First Century Resurrection of the Ancient Image of the Green Man Phyllis Araneo
Religious Diversity, Interreligious Dialogue, and Alternative Religious Futures: Challenges for an Interdependent World Linda Groff
A Personal Vision of the Integrated Society Marcus Anthony
Imagining New Futures: The Simple Power of Story Jan Lee Martin
Global Sustainability: How can Business Schools Contribute? Robert Burke
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 12 No. 4  May 2008

Title Author
Polemics of Healing: Storytelling, Refugees and Futures Arthur Saniotis & Farahnaz Sobhanian
The Crisis of Value and the Ethical Economy Adam Arvidsson, Michel Bauwens, & Nicolai Peitersen
Good Sources of Weak Signals: A Global Study of Where Futurists
Look For Weak Signals
Elina Hiltunen
A New Look at the Cross-Impact Matrix and its Application in
Futures Studies
Kenneth Chao
Towards a Futures Discourse in Mainland China Marcus Anthony
Beyond the Pendulum of the General and the Landlord-Politician:
Understanding and Creating Alternative Futures for Pakistan
Sohail Inayatullah
A Layered Approach to Horizon Scanning: Identifying Future
Issues in Military and Veterans' Health
Jane Palmer & Niki Ellis
Visionary National Economic Planning: Plans, Potentials and
Graham T.T. Molitor
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 12 No. 3 February 2008

Title Author
Pedagogical Practice after the Information Age Erica McWilliam & Shane Dawson
Futures Education: Catalyst for Our Times Richard A. Slaughter
Navigating by the Stars: Using Futures Methodologies to Create a
Preferred Vision for the Workforce, a Case Study
Debbie Terranova
Towards Global Assessment of Innovative Projects: The MagicEye
Patrick Corsi
Mythogenesis and Nanotechnology: Future Medical Directions Arthur Saniotis
What can Leaders Really be Held Accountable for? Peter Saul
The World has Entered a New Zone of History: An Assessment of
Global Trends
William Van Dusen Wishard
The Evolutionary Time of Awakening: Do We Need a Third
(neither Eastern, nor Western) Way in the World Evolution?
Konstantin S. Khroutski
Part I: Oncoming "Leisure Era": How We are Getting There Graham T.T. Molitor
Part II: Historical Perspectives: Less Time "WORKING" Graham T.T. Molitor
Meeting the Challenges of Contemporary Energy Crises Jan Anthony Chlapowski
Book Review
Constructing Future Higher Education Scenarios: Insights from
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Maree Conway
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 12 No. 2 November 2007

Guest Editors: Jose Ramos and Allan O’Connor




Editors’ Introduction Jose Ramos & Allan O'Connor
Towards an ‘Integral’ View of Entrepreneurship Joseph Voros
Young Dreamers: An Explorative Study on
How Techno-Starters Look to the Future
Patrick A. van der Duin & Dap Hartmann
State Foresight, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Case of Economic Development, E-Learning and
Outsourcing Industry in Uganda

Barton Kunstler & William Tiga Tita

Innovating Responses to Crisis: Exploring the Principle of Non-Action as a Foresight Tool Giovanna Braidotti
Transitioning to New Technologies: Challenges and Choices
in a Changing World

Jim Falk

What Future Conceptual and Social Innovations?

Bengt-Arne Vedin

Responsibility for the Future Erzsébet Nováky
Experiential Foresight: Participative Simulation Enables Social Reflexivity in a Complex World Barbara M. Bok
Stealth Foresight for Innovation: Creating Support for Creative Change in Large Organisations in Australia

Tom Graves



Jennifer Coote

Vol. 12 No. 1 August 2007




The Evolution and Psychology of Future
Tom Lombardo
Global Education from a Neohumanist
Perspective: A Musical Exposition
Marcus Bussey
Educational Programs and Student
Opinions About the Future

Mehmet Gültekin

Future Evolution of Humanity Linda Groff
The Return to Multi-Causality Mika Aaltonen
Reflections on Marcus Anthony's Not-So-
Integral Futures
Richard A. Slaughter
Creating New Spaces for Transformation:
A Response to Richard Slaughter
Marcus Anthony
Looking Towards the Futures Studies
Renaissance: A Conversation between
Richard A. Slaughter and Wendell Bell
Richard A. Slaughter


Misuse of the Potential of the Conveyor
Metaphor: Recognition of the Circular
Dynamic Essential to its Operation
Anthony Judge
Finding Our Way to the Future:
Directions for a City of Opportunity
Lee McGowan & Heidi Russo
The State of the World Johan Galtung
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 11 No. 4 May 2007




Governing the Futures: Dream or
Survival Societies?
Jim Dator
The New China: Big Brother, Brave New
World or Harmonious Society?
Marcus Anthony
Alternative Futures of Occupational
Therapy and Therapists

Sohail Inayatullah

What is the Debate around Paid
Maternity Leave Really about?
Using CLA to Delve under the Surface..
Rowena Morrow
Scenario Network Mapping Dennis List


The World System: A Life Cycle
Johan Galtung
Living in the European Ubiquitous
Mika Mannermaa
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 11 No. 3 February 2007




Macro-Perspectives beyond the World System

Joseph Voros

The Collapse and Transformation of Our World

Duncan M. Taylor & Graeme M. Taylor

Social and Genomic Constructions of Chimera

Arthur Saniotis

A Drop in the Ocean for Foresight Practitioners

Marcus Barber

Types of Time Machines and Practical Time Travel

Charles Tandy

      Essay Symposium

The Futures of Australia - Editor's Introduction Sohail Inayatullah
A Post Howard-Costello Scenario Sohail Inayatullah
Australia in 2025: A Happy Scenario Peter Saul
Australia 2026: A Tale of Two Australias Marcus Bussey
Post Howard Australia: Decline and Hope Steve Vinay Gunther
Australia 2026: The Conscious Country

Barbara M. Bok

Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 11 No. 2 November 2006




Toward a Politics of Possibility: Charting Shifts in Utopian imagination through the World Social Forum Process

Jose Ramos

Ambiguous Futures: Global Warming and the Third World

Arthur Saniotis

The Development of the Higher Education Sector of Vietnam within the Globalization Discourse: Using Futures methodologies

Pham Thi Hong Thanh

Was It a Wild Card or Just Our Blindness to Gradual Change?

Elina Hiltunen

The Egyptian Higher Education System: Towards Better Quality in the Future

Nahla M. El Sebai

        Essay Symposium

Editor's Introduction  
The Middle East: Building Blocks For Peace Johan Galtung
Shadow Dancing: Colonizing Racisms and their Discontents Marcus Bussey
The Return of the Neo-Kharjites Ziauddin Sardar
Terror, Trauma and Healing Steve Vinay Gunther
Guidelines for Critical Dialogue between Worldviews as exemplified by the Need for Non-antisemitic Dialogue with
Anthony Judge
Not-So-Integral Futures Marcus Anthony


Jennifer Coote

Vol. 11 No. 1 August 2006




Nesting Social-Analytical Perspectives: An Approach to Macro-Social Analysis

Jose Ramos

Historical Simulations – Motivational, Ethical and Legal Issues

Peter S. Jenkins

The Culture of China's Space Program: A Peking Opera in Space

Stacey Solomone

Applying an Integral Framework to Government Foresight Projects

Maree Conway

Wildcards – Signals from a Future Near You

Marcus Barber

A Political Approach to Building Female Capacity in Science and Technology for Poverty Alleviation in Transitional
Societies in Africa
John W. Forje


Which Identity for Australians? Sohail Inayatullah
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote


Vol. 10 No. 4 May. 2006




Frail and Feeble Mind: Challenges to
Emerging Global Consciousness

Christopher B. Jones

Two Social Practices to Support
Emergence of a Global Collective

Christopher Riedy

Critical Spirituality: Towards a
Revitalised Humanity

Marcus Bussey

Beyond the Mundane - Towards
Post-Conventional Futures Practice

Richard Slaughter

A Genealogy of the Western Rationalist

Marcus Anthony


Towards a Cosmic Society: A Tantric

Dada Shambhushivananda

A Role for Business Schools in
Leadership, Futures and Ethics

Robert Burke

Stealing from the Future

Ian Lowe

Where Science Meets Spirituality

Ervin Laszlo


The Paradox of Being: Dasein as a
Potential "Ground" for Futures Work

Marcus Bussey


Jennifer Coote

Vol. 10 No. 3 Feb. 2006
Title Author
Learning for Sustainable Futures: One Intervention Patricia Kelly
Disability Experience: A Contribution from the Margins Towards a Sustainable Future Erik Leipoldt
Access and Equity: Futures of an Educational Ideal Marcus Bussey
Casual Layered Analysis as Pedagogy in Studies of Science and Technology David Turnbull
Driving Forces on the Social Order Guido Viik
Alternative Futures for Convenience Store Management in Asia: An E-Business Perspective Yin-Chieh Hsu and Hui-Ling Huang
Visions That do not Reproduce Another Nightmare Ashis Nandy
Seeing the Futures in Weak Signals Peter Saul
Report on the Conference: Global Soul, Global Mind, and Global Action- Futuring from Survival to Thrival Christopher Jones
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 10 No. 2 Nov. 2005

Title Author
Article Symposium
Humanity of the Threshold: A Critical Enquiry Jordi Serra
A Garden of Identities: Multiple Selves and Other Future Ziauddin Sardar
The Era of Evolutionary Governance Walter Truett Anderson
Which Way is Up? Jan Huston
Walking Up to the New Future Sohail Inayatullah
Conclusions: Blindly Going Where No One Has Gone Before Jordi Serra
Imaging Disability Tomorrow Gerard Goggin and Christopher Newell
Alternative Futures of WhitenessSabrina Hambel
The Educations of Humans and Transhumans  in the Twenty-First Century Charles Tandy
Russian Philosophical Cosmology: One Step Backward and Two Steps Forward-Approaching the Universal Evolutionary Future Konstantin S. Khroutski
On Becoming and Being a Futurist: An Interview with Wendell Bell Levelhead 753(Wendell Bell)
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 10 No. 1 Aug. 2005

Title Author
Milking Genes for All They're Worth: A Case Study of Biotechnology Foresight in New Zealand Amy L. Fletcher
A Study on Theories of Society's Marco-Level Transformation Tuomo Kuosa
Integrated Intelligence and the Psycho-Spiritual Imperatives of Mechanistic Science Marcus Anthony
Corporation and Global Governance: A Multi-Cultural Future Perspective Anita Kelleher
Maps, Metaphors and Myths: Beyond Impoverished Imagination about Peace, Development and the Future Francis Hutchinson
Symposium of Action Learning: Introduction Jose M. Ramos
A Personal Philosophy Anticipatory Action-Learning Anita Kelleher
Bush Mechanics-Artificing a Future Our Children We Can Live With Paul Wildman

Evan Hadkins

The Appreciative Perspective of the Future Rosa Alegria
Open Space for Futures: A Brief Introduction Stuart Candy
Shikshantar: The People' s Institute for Rethinking Education and Development Manish Jain
Futures in Government: Uses in Anticipatory Action Learning to Public Service Futures Kate Teske
Sustaining Human Aspiration: Action Learning Falkirk Graham Leicester
Maroochy 2025 Community Visioning & Action: A Case Study of Anticipatory Action Learning Practices in Use Within Maroochy Shire , Queensland, Australia Steve Gould
Beyond Strategy Leadership, Futures & Ethics in A Complex World Robert Burke
Future Survey's Best Recent Books and Reports Michael Marien

Vol. 9 No. 4 May. 2005

Title Author
Mapping and Imagined Futures:Beyond Colonising Cartography Francis Hutchinson
Humanicide:From Myth to Risk Chris C. Stewart
Human:Machine, Ape or Dolphin? Gary P. Hampson
How Do Make Sense of the Future? Mika Aaltonen and Theodor Barth
Societal Factors Impacting on Images of the Future of the Youth in Japan Ryoto Ono
Post-Industrial Urbanism and The Growth of Sustainability: Historical Trends, Present and Future Observations Ian Morley
Opening Windows:Open Source Software and the Future of BusinessAaron C. T. Smith
Envisioning Local Futures: The Evolution of Community Visioning as a Tool for Managing Change Paula A. Ding

Vol. 9 No. 3 Feb. 2005

Title Author
Critical Spirituality as a Resource for Fostering Critical Pedagogy Ivana Milojevic
Giving Hope back to our Young people: Creating a New Spiritual Mythology for Western Culture Jennifer Gidley
Education for Transformation: Integrated Intelligence in the Knowledge Society and Beyond Marcus Anthony
Visions for Global Justice through the Lens of Sarkar's Social Cycle Josh Floyd
China: The Evolution Trends for Multiple Transitions and Income Gap Widening

Chen Zhizhou

Organizational and Management Dynamics in Foresight Timothy C. Mack
Territorial Foresight: More than Planning Less than Prospective Jordi Serra
History and the Future od the Real World John L. Robinson
De-Colonizing the Future Jim Dator
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 9 No. 2 Nov. 2004

Title Author
Neuro-Futures: The Brain, Politics, and Power Jake Dunagan
Anticipatory innovation Jose M. Ramos
Queensland Transport Futures 2003-2020 David Kay
Fathoming the Ageing Workforce Debate: Causal Layered Analysis in Action Debbie Terranova
Portfolio Approach and/or Firm Approach? Remarks on Futures of Strategic Bank Management

Jyh-Horng Lin, Shin-Heng Pao

Energy Futures for The Long-Term Graham T.T. Molitor
Powerful Memes from 1957 –Footprints of Conscious Evolution? Jan Lee Martin
The Virus Analogy Jennifer Brice
Future Avoiders, Migrants and Natives Sohail Inayatullah
On Teaching Futuristics: Utopian Thought and Non-traditional Students Arthur B. Shostak
Post-Saps Light: A Review of Francis Fukuyama’s, Our Posthuman Future Timothy Dolan
From Micro-lessons to Meta-narratives at the Tamkang Futurama! Jake Dunagan
Futurewatch Jennifer Coote

Vol. 9 No. 1 Aug. 2004

Title Author
Macrohistory and the Future Sohail Inayatullah
Engaging Macrohistory through the Present Moment Anthony Judge
Macrohistory and City Futures Phillip Daffara
Korea as the Wave of a Future:The Emerging Dream Society of Icons and Aesthetic Experience Jim Dator and Yongseok Seo
Creative Altruism: The Prospects for a Common Humanity in the Age of Globalization Jay Weinstein
Evolution and Enlightenment: The Conceivable Convergence Walter Truett Anderson
The Life Cycle of Evolution: A Macro-Technological Analysis of Civilization’s Progress William E. Halal
Coming of Age in the Heart : Cultural Evolution and the Initiation of Our Time Anodea Judith
Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis Jay Earley
APEC Center for Technology Foresight (APEC CTF) Mayuree Vathanakuljarus
Health Futures @ Health2004

Sally Fawkes,Evelyne de Leeuw and Maurice Mittelmark Jose Maria Ramos

Futurewatch Jennifer Coote