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Who We Are

The Journal of Futures Studies (JFS) is published by the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taipei, Taiwan. The editors invite contributors in the areas of foresight, forecasting, long-range planning, visioning and other related areas.

The Journal's approach is:

  • Trans-disciplinary
  • epistemologically diverse, seeking article from empirical, interpretative, critical and action learning research traditions, and;
  • Multi-methods based, including, for example, methods such as emerging issues analysis, scenarios, age-cohort analysis, causal layered analysis and backcasting;

We invite your articles, essays and report/reviews. We are particularly keen to explore the points of convergence between East and South-east Asian futures and global futures.

We have also entered into a cooperative relationship with the World Futures Studies Federation. We hope this relationship will lead to greater contact between the thousands of students who have taken futures studies courses at Tamkang University and the World Futures Studies Federation.

We invite other associations to enter cooperative relationships with Tamkang University and the Journal of Futures Studies.